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Grass Fed Meat , Locally Sourced, Free Range, Outdoor Reared

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Master Butchers

Our meat, sausages, and bacon are hand-prepared by our award-winning team of master butchers in the finest traditions of British craft butchery.

Our grass-fed meat is not only sourced from small, local farms with the highest standards of animal welfare, it is brought on by our team to produce really flavoursome, characterful meat.

All our meat is finished using non-halal processes.

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Dry-aged beef

Dry-ageing is a centuries-old, traditional process.

Our beef is all dry-aged to tenderise and flavour the meat. By hanging a beef carcass on the bone in a chill store for 4 weeks or more, the meat ages naturally to lock in the great flavours you would expect from high-end beef, grass-fed beef. The process of dry-ageing enables moisture to evaporate and allows the beef’s natural enzymes to break down the meat’s tissues.

This is what creates the tenderness and taste in the cut and the richness of flavour in the fat.

It’s a whole different ball-game to the wet-aged meat you will find predominantly in the supermarkets. With wet-ageing, the meat tenderises after it has been vacuum-packed and whilst it is being transported. Which is why you will notice wet-aged meat shrinking when you cook it as it can contain up to 30% water.

As they say, good things take time.



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