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High Welfare vs Organic Meat

Organic Meat

We sometimes hear the claim that organic meat is better than high-welfare, grass-fed meat. Whilst we doff our cap to the achievements of the organic movement, particularly in raising the public’s perception of sustainable farming, we wouldn’t necessarily agree with the statement.

But why?

Simply, because the ethical standards of animal husbandry and sustainability followed by our own farmers, together with the environmental and ecological benefits, do, in our opinion, equal those achieved by producers who are organically certified. Our farmers are just as compassionate in how they go about things and care deeply about the welfare of their animals, nurturing them through every stage of their lives.


Slow-Grown Outdoor-Reared vs Organic Meat

Our slow-grown, outdoor-reared beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed from pastures that are chemical free, our pork is from pigs fed with simple grain, not GM product. Our chicken is free-range, outdoor reared. There is a misnomer that organic certified farms never use antibiotics on their animals. That’s not true. An organic farmer will use antibiotic intervention if it’s needed, it just can’t be routine.

We believe that the ‘organic’ label is not all it’s cracked up to be and that the meat we source from small-scale, local farms that has been produced ethically, compassionately and in harmony with nature, is just as good as that with the organic tag.


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