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Grass Fed Meat , Locally Sourced, Free Range, Outdoor Reared

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Our Farms

We all want to know where our food comes from. We all want to have confidence in the provenance and integrity of the meat we are eating.

At the Dorset Meat Company, we work with 20 small, family-run farms in Dorset and Wiltshire that all produce ethically reared, nutritious meat, in a natural growing environment, in harmony with nature. Animals that have been allowed to grow at a natural pace and have not been rushed.

This is proper, regenerative farming, not industrialised meat production. Regenerative farming rejects pesticides and chemical fertilizers, instead strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, and increasing resilience to climate change. Regenerative farming combines permaculture, agroecology, agroforestry, restoration ecology and holistic management to support a wide variety of natural flowers and fauna as part of a natural ecology. Large farms will routinely use herbicides and pesticides.

We know our farmers well and share their ethics and their values: respect for their livestock and for nature, and a total commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare.  We believe passionately that small-scale, sustainable farming is better for the animal, the local ecology, the farmer and for you, producing exceptional, ethically-reared meat you can trust completely.

By supporting us, you are supporting small, family-run farms that have been an essential part of our rural economy down the ages.

Tom Hooper

Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire

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Ben Allard

Whistley Farm, Dorset

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Alice and Julian Newth

Manor Farm, Somerset

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Charlie Heywood

Home Farm, Odcombe Somerset

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Stuart Perkins

Castlemead Poultry – Heywood Farm, Somerset

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Richard Haskett

Cheselbourne, Dorset

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The Hinks Family

Lower Nyland, Dorset

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Phil Dale

Kington Magna, Dorset

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Happy Valley

Semley, Dorset

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James Smart

The Real Cure

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Jethro Tennant

The Dorset Sea Salt Company

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