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Our grass-fed, fully traceable outdoor-reared meat finds its way to a wide range of Dorset and west-country pubs, restaurants, farm shops and food businesses, and to some further afield.

We use the new Followthisfood meat labelling system across our range so you can provide your own customers with fantastic engagement with our farms and the confidence that the meat you are using in your kitchen is exactly what it claims to be. By simply scanning the QR code on the individual pack or cut of meat into a smartphone, or by entering a code on a laptop, Followthisfood allows you to see the provenance of each individual item: every single cut of meat is tracked from source to delivery, tracing it back to the individual producer farm in a way that is not possible with standardised, more widely available meat.

If you are interested in sourcing our produce on a wholesale basis, please call us on 01747 811077 or 07949129535 or email us at [email protected]