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When you order meat online from The Dorset Meat Company, you are making an informed decision which respects nature, the environment, and the animal.

The grassland on which our farmers’ cattle and sheep graze, and which they solely eat, is an untampered source of nutrition and natural balance. It has its roots – in every sense – in the time-honoured practices of traditional, small-scale farming.
This is what The Dorset Meat Company is committed to providing all our customers buying meat online with the finest ethically reared fresh meat.

For the animals, you can rest assured that they have been raised in a spacious countryside idyll where they have been free to roam. Their rearing process is slow and unrushed, thereby allowing the ruminants to forage and feed on grass at will.

This in turn has positive, regenerative benefits upon the grassland on which they graze. And so, the cycle goes on; restorative of the land, and in perfect balance with nature.

order meat online
order meat online

Why the Dorset Meat Company?

From pasture to plate, the difference between industrial meat-production leviathans and ethical, low impact, local grass-fed beef and sheep farming is stark enough to make each seem like another country.

Grass-fed meat, whether you order meat boxes online or set up a meat box subscription, doesn’t, however, simply put a tick in the boxes of high animal welfare and low carbon footprints, and a cross against large scale industrially produced fresh meat.

The chief benefits for you of buying meat online when you build your own meatbox and then cook fresh meat and plate up these natural and traditional choices at mealtimes is a sharp focus on health.

Firstly, these health benefits make themselves known in the simplest, most sensory way: the taste.

Grass-fed, fresh meat, with all unnatural farming interventions stripped away, simply tastes better. It is leaner and more nutritious, packed with natural flavour and, well, wholly as nature intended.

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For this, when you choose grass-fed meat and order meat online you have the animals’ natural diet of grass, clovers, wildflowers and legumes to thank for the tastiest bounty on your plate.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, grass-fed meat from The Dorset Meat Company has tangible, positive impacts on your health, in contrast to meat produced by large scale operations, often of uncertain and multiple provenance.

Take grass-fed versus grain-fed for one. In the grass-fed corner, meat is rich in the beneficial Omega-3 “good fats”; in fact, three times more so than grain-fed beef. This is what you are getting when you when you buy meat boxes online from The Dorset Meat Company.

Then take vitamins, so to speak. Grass-fed beef is packed with them – of the natural variety – with vitamins A and E to the fore.

As for antioxidants and beta-carotene, these naturally good guys are also present in abundance in grass-fed meat. All of which help maintain the natural balance of your personal health, assured too in the knowledge that the grass-fed animals were reared in an ethical, small-scale, local and traditional manner.

order meat online

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Back from plate to pasture, the pattern continues as it has for centuries – long before intensive farming became a thing.

On the grassland, grass-fed animals help maintain and boost the continuing biodiversity of the fields and meadows where they are raised and graze.

Wildlife and insects can thrive and flourish, along with herbs, clovers and wildflowers, living harmoniously among the roaming grass-fed cattle and sheep.

And from this bucolic scene come your healthiest choices of fully flavoursome, high-welfare, grass-fed meat. Online meat from The Dorset Meat Company, committed to providing meat boxes online, either as a one-off purchase or as a recurring meat box subscription.

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You can either build your own meat box to include all your own choices, or you can order one of our set, seasonal boxes.

Meat Subscription Boxes

Our range of online meat, online cheese and online deli items are available as a one-off purchase, or for added convenience, you can order meat online by setting up a recurring, meat subscription order delivered to your door every one, two or four weeks.

All our meat is from animals that have been reared on small, family-run Dorset and Wiltshire farms that have been purely grass fed on lush, natural pastures, free-range and outdoor reared. We believe strongly that small-scale farming is better for the farmer, the animal, the local ecology, and for you, producing exceptionally tasting, ethically reared meat that you can trust completely.

Meat Boxes Online

Whether you are looking to order meat online as a one-off order or to set up a recurring meat box subscription from The Dorset Meat Company, by buying meat boxes online you are helping to support British farmers who follow traditional, regenerative farming practices.