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DMC Points

As a way of thanking you, you will receive DMC Points as you shop with us, when you introduce us to your friends, and when you engage with the Dorset Meat Company on social media.

Here’s how it works.

• You will receive 5 DMC Points for every £1 you spend with us.

• You will receive 100 DMC Points when you introduce us to one of your friends. You will need to go onto your account page dashboard to do this, where you will generate a referral link and then send your friend the link. When your friend places an order with us for £50 or more, you’ll receive 100 DMC points.

• You will receive DMC Points when you share (50 points) or like (20 points) our products on Facebook.

• You will receive 50 DMC Points when you follow us on Instagram.

• You will receive 50 DMC Points when you tweet about our products on Twitter.

Here’s how you spend your points.

• For every 500 DMC Points you get, you’ll get £5 off your next order.

• For every 1000 DMC Points, you’ll get £10 off your next order.

• For every 2000 DMC Points, you’ll receive £20 off your next order.

Refer a friend to The Dorset Meat Company and you will get a discount when they place an order with us


You get a 10% discount off your next order once they have purchased*
They get 10% off their first order*

All you need to do is to fill out their details at the end of the checkout process

* Coupon code valid for 60 days from purchase