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At the Dorset Meat Company, not only do we want you to have the very best grass-fed and free-range meat, we also want you to enjoy the customer experience.

Is there a minimum order value?


When is the order deadline?

We need you to place your order with us 3 days before it is scheduled for delivery.

We’ve put together a little table that we hope makes it clear:

You place your order on:
You receive your order on:
Friday : by 10.00pmWednesday : by 6.00pm
Saturday : by 10.00pmThursday : by 6.00pm
Sunday : by 10.00pmThursday : by 6.00pm
Monday : by 10.00 pmFriday : by 6.00pm
Tuesday : by 10.00pmFriday : by 6.00 pm
Wednesday : by 10.00 pmThe following Wednesday by 6.00 pm
Thursday : by 10.00pmThe following Wednesday by 6.00 pm

If you have any questions about ordering, just call us on 01747 81107707949129535 or email [email protected] and we will be only too pleased to help.

You will receive a text and email notification on your delivery day giving you a 1 hour delivery time slot. This will also include a tracking number (consignment number) for convenience. You can get an update on your delivery time by simply going to and entering your tracking (consignment) number.

Why do you have a 3 day order deadline?

As we source our meat from small local farms, we need to give them and our team of butchers a sensible amount of time to get your order prepared. This allows them to plan and the dry-ageing and hanging process to run its proper course.

Can I collect the order myself?


If you live locally and would rather pick up your order from us yourself, you can select the “Click and Collect” option at checkout. You will then be able to select the time at which you want to make your collection.

The service is free so you will save on the cost of delivery.

We will call you to confirm everything with you so please include your mobile number when you “Click and Collect”.

Refer a friend to The Dorset Meat Company and you will get a discount when they place an order with us


You get a 10% discount off your next order once they have purchased*
They get 10% off their first order*

All you need to do is to fill out their details at the end of the checkout process

* Coupon code valid for 60 days from purchase