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Meat Box Packaging

So that your meat box order arrives in tip-top condition, we prepare each order by hand so that it’s fresh, vacuum-pack each item and then pack it in a temperature controlled, fully recyclable chilled liner and double gauge cardboard box in order to ensure that the contents stay chilled for over 48 hours.

We use Recycle-Air chilled liners from our packaging partner Hydropac, a revolutionary recyclable temperature-controlled food packaging system that enables us to send your meat box overnight using the DHL national courier network with complete confidence.

The Recycle-Air system uses recyclable materials with a reflective white LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)  layer on both sides and a double layer of bubble insulation sandwiched between the outer layers, giving a real emphasis on insulation and cushioning.

The Recycle-Air system has been tested and validated to ensure it meets current UK legislation.

Climate Chamber testing has proven that the Recycle-Air system will perform on a UK based ‘extreme’ peak summer temperature profile for more than 24hrs and 96hrs during winter testing (held between +2˚c to +8˚).


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