Brillat Savarin Affine (200g)


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Simply stunning!

This decadent triple cream cheese should only be eaten with friends. It is one of the richest cheeses you will ever taste, so a full pound of it will easily serve 12 people.

Brillat Savarin is native to Burgundy and is named after the man who is known today as “The Father of Modern Cooking,” Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. He is the author of the book, The Physiology of Taste, which is required reading for any food lover.

This cheese is perfect for dessert and should be served with ripe, fresh fruit and crusty bread. And red wine, of course.


Additional Info

Allergens – COWS MILK

Per 100g

1610 KJ 390 Kcal

38g fat of which 24.7g Saturates

Carbohydrates 2g of which 1g Sugars

10g Protein

1g Salt

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