Guinea Fowl (1.5kg)


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Guinea fowl, or ‘pintade’ in French cuisine, has a darker meat than chicken and a slightly stronger taste. Roast as you would a chicken but for a shorter time and be sure to baste regularly.

We like to prepare our guinea fowl with porcini mushrooms, smoked lardons, olive oil, a sprig or two of thyme and, half way through roasting, add some white wine or sherry to your roasting dish.

Guinea fowl are full of flavour, but not as big as chicken and the drumsticks are quite small, so use two birds to serve six.

Available all year round.

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Gluten Free, Dairy Free

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Our Farms

At the Dorset Meat Company, we work with 20 small, family-run farms in Dorset and Wiltshire that all work to produce ethically reared, nutritious meat, in a natural growing environment, in harmony with nature. Animals that have been allowed to grow at a natural pace and have not been rushed.

Our guinea fowl are sourced from local Dorset estates and game dealers and hung for a short period of time.


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