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Wood pigeon is a real delicacy and is becoming increasingly popular in British restaurants. A feature of any country butcher’s range, pigeon breasts are really lean thanks to their natural diet of wild berries, acorns and buds.

Rich and gamey, you can roast wood pigeon dressed in olive oil, streaky bacon, salt and pepper for 10 to 15 minutes, and enjoy. Our pigeon meat comes oven ready, and one bird is the perfect size to feed one person.

If you’re a fan of confit duck legs then why not try doing the same with your wood pigeon and enjoy a deep, gamey meat that melts off the bone.


1 bird will feed 1 person.

This product will previously have been frozen and will arrive in a thawed state.

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Wood Pigeon Meat

Our wild wood pigeons are sourced from local Dorset estates and game dealers and hung for a short period of time.

Wild pigeon meat delivered straight to your door

Expand your culinary horizons with high quality pigeon meat that’s full of flavour and nutritional value. This luxurious choice of meat is enough to elevate any special occasion. Order your delectable pigeon meat today right here at the Dorset Meat Company and get it direct to your door for incredible convenience.

May contain shot.

High quality wood pigeon meat

Our wild wood pigeons are sourced from local Dorset estates and game dealers and hung for a short period of time. We take care to ensure that the meat is treated with the utmost care and attention, in order to preserve its quality and natural flavours. This allows our wood pigeon to boast greater nutritional value and taste, making it a great option for anyone looking to expand their meat horizons and try something a bit different from the usual chicken, beef or lamb.

Unlike the majority of wild game meat, wood pigeon is available all year round and you won’t need to worry about whether this delicious little bird is out of season or not. It’s also important to note that wood pigeon is a different beast to its relative the feral pigeon – those typically found in towns and cities in the UK. Wood pigeons feature white bars on their wings, are larger and prefer more rural, forest environments. This helps to ensure that their diet is as nature intended and doesn’t incorporate the kind of processed foods that may be eaten in urban environments.

Bear in mind that wild pigeon may contain shot and that care should be taken when eating.

How to enjoy wild wood pigeon at home

The idea of cooking with pigeon may be daunting if you’ve never done it before, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll be fully converted. This compact poultry option comes full of delicious and rich flavour, with a distinctive edge to it that lends itself perfectly to a variety of dishes. If you’ve grown bored of eating chicken and turkey then this is certainly the bird for you.

Wood pigeon can be fried with plenty of butter for a crispy, golden final result, and served with veg and sides of your choice. Alternatively, you can slow cook your duck with onion, carrot and garlic for an even more tender texture. Mushroom and sage also make great companions to this unique meat, as are more autumnal flavours like nuts and root vegetables.

If you’re a fan of baking, it is also worth noting that wood pigeon works brilliantly in pies, carrying a flavour that won’t get lost when you marry it with the other ingredients you choose to pack into your pastry.


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